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Multi-Platform VOD: Monetization & Consumer Habits 2015 Congress


The growth of on-demand services has had an unprecedented impact on the U.S. broadcasting industry over the last few years, with companies scrambling to find the right business models and technical strategies for keeping up with changing consumer viewing habits. Now, with the industry shifting towards TV everywhere, it is vital that broadcasters and content-providers understand how they can integrate their VOD strategy across both OTT and set-top box formats into a multi-platform VOD service that can be effectively monetized.

However, the industry is yet to form a consensus on the optimal monetization strategies for VOD. The race is on to determine how the latest dynamic ad insertion and addressable advertising technologies can be optimally applied to create advertising driven VOD monetization models. Meanwhile, other operators still believe that subscription models are the way forward. Additionally, VOD providers need to firstly identify consumer behaviors for different demographics, geographical regions, devices, platforms, and types of content, and understand how to best measure and integrate data on their audiences. Finally, the technical aspects of supplying VOD services need to keep up with these monetization strategies - with everything from file transcoding, storage, metadata and user interfaces needing to be optimized to ensure a customer experience that drives viewers to VOD offerings.

And so, at a uniquely designed congress specific to unlocking the challenges in monetizing VOD platforms, the Multi-Platform VOD: Monetization & Consumer Habits 2015 will allow broadcasters, specialist VOD providers and content owners to compare methods of creating effective advertising sales strategies and business models whilst breaking down VOD consumer habits to monetize VOD platforms and overcome the technical challenges in enhancing user interfaces, metadata, file storage, and transcoding. The ultimate output of the conference will be a practical toolkit for maximizing the value and minimizing the cost of VOD multi-platform offerings.

Day 1 And Day 2 Overview

DAY 1 will examine the latest advances in integrating dynamic ad insertion technologies into an effective advertising-driven VOD monetization strategy, compare the optimal subscription models for maximizing the profitability of SVOD, explain how to use C3 and C7 ad measurement technologies to quantify the value of VOD audiences and analyze the latest data on consumer VOD viewing habits for different demographics, geographical regions, devices, platforms, and types of content.

DAY 2 will address how to design effective metadata strategies, promotional campaigns and how to harness social media platforms whilst enhancing user interfaces to drive consumers towards VOD content. Speakers will also assess how to reduce the time and cost of transcoding, file conversion and storage for VOD files to minimize the costs that are passed on to the consumer.

Post Event


As the first congress to provide genuine multi-platform VOD monetization strategies and comprehensively analyze consumer habits…

...the Multi-Platform VOD: Monetization & Consumer Habits 2015 congress will feature leading broadcasters, OTT service providers and content producers, examining the consumer habits, monetization strategies and technical advances for maximizing the profitability of on-demand services across, television, over-the-top and TV everywhere platforms.

Speakers at the congress will be examining:

ADVERTISING SALES STRATEGIES : Examining overall advertising sales strategies for maximizing VOD revenue across all platforms, including TV, mobile, tablet and laptop

DYNAMIC AD INSERTION :  Providing brand new case studies on integrating dynamic ad insertion technologies into effective multi-platform VOD monetization strategies

AD MEASUREMENT : Leveraging new ad measurement techniques and research to enhance VOD ad sales strategies across TV, Digital And Mobile Apps

CONSUMER HABITS : Analyzing data on multi-platform VOD consumer habits to forge specific monetization strategies for across different:

o Demographics

o Geographical regions

o Devices

o Types of content

SUBSCRIPTION MODELS : Breaking down the latest advances in using SVOD to monetize VOD content and comparing the pros and cons of advertising- and subscription-based models

Formulating effective promotional strategies for driving consumers towards vod content & designing user interfaces that maximize ease of use for the customer

METADATA STRATEGIES : Enhancing VOD metadata to optimize positioning in search results, maximize consumer awareness & increase VOD viewing figures across multiple platforms

OVERCOMING THE TECHNICAL CHALLENGES OF VOD MONETIZATION : Reducing the time and cost of transcoding, storage & file conversion for VOD files to minimize the costs that are passed on to advertisers & consumers


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